Join the Box Elder Area Chamber of Commerce

Membership is open to all business professionals in Box Elder and Surrounding Area.

Your membership will include:

  • A sign to be displayed at Chamber events.
  • An enhanced business listing with links to your webpage and facebook page on this website.
  • Your business name listed on Member Discount list with the discount offered from your business to current chamber members.
  • New businesses can have a Ribbon Cutting.
  • You can host a Chamber Mixer.
  • Hanging out with other people with a passion to help the Box Elder area grow as a business community.

What Does Your Box Elder Chamber Do?


Our goal is to support our Member network as much as possible by making connections – whether between businesses, between a business and a new customer, or between a business and the community as a whole. We are not an advertising or marketing agency, but we do support your individual marketing efforts through our services and business network. We are not an event planner, but we do organize events specifically to give businesses the opportunity to support and give back to the community.


It shows the community that you are here not just to make sales, but to give back and help other businesses navigate business management alongside you. In an age of pop-up entrepreneurship, belonging to a Chamber definitively shows a business’s stability and permanence. Membership with the Chamber of Commerce allows your business to be listed in its Member Directory, the go-to location for finding credible business of all types in the area.


We have a big welcome to all new members on our Facebook page. Signage is provided at mixers and on mixer invitations. We will help spread the word on any events your business is participating in including accolades you want to share.


One of the primary ways this is facilitated is through involvement opportunities – Member businesses can volunteer to be part of a Chamber committee, sponsor events, and serve on the Chamber’s Board of Directors.


Think of the last obstacle your business faced – wouldn’t it be helpful to find a group of other business owners that have already successfully navigated that obstacle, or that are willing to team up to defeat it? Whether it is a logistic issue, a legislative one, or some other threat to a business’s interests, a Chamber can help bring people together to grow stronger and benefit the business community as a whole.


Want to be a member of the chamber? Fill out the form below or download the PDF file here!

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    Please renew yearly.
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    Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa